By Alejandra Castillo

As the business world becomes increasingly competitive, organizations cannot afford to waste the contributions of talented women; Thus, every year important steps are taken to achieve gender equality. Traditionally, greater equality between female and male employees of the same company is considered to lead to more harmonious and efficient environments; Consequently, all employees are encouraged to contribute and greatly promote its growth through the contribution to provide equal opportunities to men and women, considering only their intellect and professional performance capabilities.

The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (​Eurofound) defines gender equality as follows: “It is the concept that all human beings are free to develop their personal abilities and make decisions without limitations imposed by strict gender roles; and that the different behaviors, aspirations and needs of women and men are considered, valued and favored equally.”

When both work and collective environments become more gender-inclusive, the role of women in society is redefined, creating a sense of social cohesion. In this way, jobs shape people's values and behaviors toward work and women.

For example, greater gender inclusion in the workforce boosts women's rights and capabilities, expands their social network, and provides more equitable norms in society; looking for ways to promote specific ways to help women achieve professional fulfillment and boost their life projects.

It is through these efforts to achieve greater inclusion, where women greatly benefit from special programs whose objective is personal and professional improvement, programs such as pro-bono legal and business advice or at affordable costs are those that They can make a difference in the life of a female entrepreneur or micro-entrepreneur, allowing her access to tools that would not have previously been available to her. In this way, we manage to reduce the generational and economic gap that still exists and that prevents women from establishing themselves independently to achieve their own financial and work stability.

As part of our programs aimed at social responsibility, at Romero Pineda & Asociados we provide comprehensive advice to exceptional women, mothers, dreamers and entrepreneurs, accompanying them from the beginning of their creative processes in the protection of intellectual property rights over their artistic creations. , designs and brands to the formalization of contracts with clients and suppliers or the creation of their own companies. In this month of July 2021, we proudly celebrate 5 years since the creation of the program RPA HER in 2016, which has allowed us to be part of the growth of many entrepreneurs, guiding and directing them in each of their legal needs. The needs of this group of future entrepreneurs are enormous. Given this, we are giving our solidarity contribution to protect the rights based on which new opportunities are created that guarantee the inclusion of women within our society.


July, 2021


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