Fashion possesses a powerful and distinctive voice, being a uniquely creative and visually-driven industry. Experiencing exponential growth, our firm has endeavored to comprehend the international language spoken by the myriad of individuals moving towards defining and reflecting who they want to be. We are not just passionate about this industry; we like to believe we are fully immersed in it. 

Our dedicated fashion industry team is focused on effectively communicating and advising brands, covering all aspects related to this dynamic sector.

While fashion represents a nearly secure investment, it is also susceptible to piracy attacks, fierce competition, and considerable vulnerability attributed to factors like seasonal changes, the continuous movement within the product or service life cycle, swift market alterations, and the influence of trade associations.

Hence, we stay meticulously updated on the entire fashion spectrum, providing legal support to both entrepreneurial designers launching their global growth ventures and multinational brands seeking to expand into the Latin American market.