Technology, Telecommunications and Entertainment

Technology, Telecommunications and Entertainment

Changes in this industry occur at a dizzying pace and continuously and their scope has great impact on the media and digital sectors.

Technological advancements and media platforms are reshaping our way of life and forming the foundation for new business practices. Thanks to the relentless innovative efforts of our clients, we remain at the forefront of this rapidly evolving technology and the online world, leveraging the latest systems to provide the most updated and digitized solutions possible.

We focus on developing legal strategies that certify compliance with the business's own regulations and ensure its value. In addition, we manage legal risk and design new contractual structures for the different business models that may arise in this way. Today more than ever the world has shifted to an online platform, leading our clients to offer innovative and creative solutions including online sales, portals, blogs, search engines, editors, suppliers, content creators among others. We have clients in the areas of technology, search engines, cloud computing, licensing software, new machinery, games and IT services.