Banking, Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies

Banking, Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies

The Firm has a legal team of experts in Finance and Banking, aware of the dynamic nature of these areas and, therefore, constantly kept up to date on the most relevant developments. Given the high specialization of the financial world, advising clients in this industry has become increasingly crucial.

Our clients in this sector receive guidance and advice in various transactions in stock markets, as well as in Mergers and Acquisitions processes of banking institutions, banking regularization in the country and credit placements.

Romero Pineda is pleased to support its clients who are at the forefront of new product development, digitalization and tokenization initiatives, as well as in the field of digital assets.

We recognize that technology innovation plays a crucial role in financial regulation, covering aspects such as digital payments, blockchain, smart contracts, e-commerce and startups. These elements allow us to stay aligned with emerging trends in the Fintech sector.