Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism

Large, dynamic and growing, the Hospitality and Tourism industry operates in a highly
competitive that represents a wide range of companies related to the industries of
food, travel and accommodation services. Among them are restaurants and
commercial food services; airlines, cruises and other transportation services;
hotels, resorts, tourist destinations, attractions and spaces for meetings and events.

In our region the hotel and leisure industry is growing day by day. This constant
Evolution leads it to continually reinvent itself to position itself and offer quality
of World class. As a multidisciplinary team, with a designated team coordinator
For each area, we find and provide solutions to a large number of problems that
range from fiscal, corporate and commercial to Intellectual Property, Labor,
Environmental and Antitrust.

We work with fiscal and legal investment designs to start new businesses and
investments; with franchises or purchases of Hospitality and Tourism companies in general:
hotel chains, hotel operators or owners, travel agencies, travel companies
transportation, cruise operators; with asset acquisitions: real estate, airplanes,
boats; and with international business expansions: Tax planning
international and legal design, drafting and negotiation of contracts and coordination with other
international firms.