Corporate and International

Corporate and International

Corporate and International

Corporate and International

Corporate and International

Corporate and International

Corporate and International

Supporting our clients in optimizing their strategies


We continually advise companies within the aviation industry, charter flight operators, air cargo transportation companies, fuel, food or aviation education suppliers. Knowledge of the regulatory landscape of civil aviation allows us to offer comprehensive advice in all areas of companies, both corporate, financial and tax.

Specialized legal defense linked to internet violations and cybercrimes

Digital Law

A significant part of our work revolves around defending individuals and companies affected by cybercrimes in all their forms, given the rapid growth of Digital Law. Our primary focus is on protecting individuals' data.

We continually study developments in the legal and technological sectors, analyzing new information society trends to offer the best service to our clients.

Change is a constant

Tax Law

We advise and support our clients with the observance of the tax obligations applicable to their businesses, developing and implementing strategies that not only allow, but guarantee adequate compliance within the related legal framework. We are exclusive members for El Salvador of LATAXNET, a network of consulting firms that offers integrated tax services in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

A driving factor for economic growth in a country

Foreign Investment

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the existing regulatory framework for new market participants' entry, establishment, and operation. These processes demand a detailed and precise understanding for correct management of new investments. Our firm remains highly active in handling issues constantly changing within the economic framework, where the effectiveness of regulations concerning foreign investment in the region demands prompt and efficient handling of various capital flows from investors into their business. 

We advise our clients in the financial sector, providing guidance in various transactions in the stock markets, as well as in Mergers and Acquisitions of Banking Institutions, Bank regularization in the country and credit placements.

Additionally, we offer our support to those clients who are immersed in the development of innovative products, digitalization and tokenization initiatives, as well as in the field of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

We are at the forefront of the current landscape and recognize the importance of technology innovation in terms of financial regulation. Topics such as digital payments, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, e-commerce and Startups are essential, allowing us to keep up with emerging trends in the Fintech sector.

We know that happy employees add value to companies

Labor Law

We offer clients the working experience gained in diverse cases by our multidisciplinary team knowledgeable in all legal aspects related to labor laws. This includes regulatory, preventive, and reactive levels, allowing us to minimize the risk of legal breaches and provide necessary assistance in delicate conflicts. We take care of what matters most.


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