We understand that our clients' business strategy may involve expanding into new territories, and thanks to our exclusive membership with LexMundi, the world's leading network of independent law firms. It brings together the best law firms, lawyers, and business professionals in more than 125 countries to provide world-class cross-border legal solutions. world leader in independent law firms. Which brings together the best law firms, lawyers and business professionals, in more than 125 countries to offer world-class cross-border legal solutions.


Our Firm has been an exclusive member of Lex Mundi since 1990. This association is “the leading global association of independent law firms”, made up of more than 160 law firms and with more than 16,000 lawyers, in more than 125 countries. Membership of Lex Mundi also demands unmatched skill in legal experience, as well as high leadership in the use of technology and in the administration of law firms. One of the main reasons why Romero Pineda is an exclusive member in El Salvador is because it has distinguished itself as one of the firms that is at a higher level in terms of its legal services and their quality.