The law of fashion and "Fast Fashion"

Today's world moves at the speed of light, and fashion is not far behind. New trends are born every day, and as quickly as they are created, they are copied.

With the rise of social networks, creators have had a global reach, but this makes it easier to copy or imitate their designs, which in essence means appropriating another's work, design or idea.

In this way the well-known “fast fashion”, the business model that many copy, clothing created by recognized designers (who normally define trends), they are made en masse and sold at a more accessible price.

Although this sounds like something incredible, designer clothes, at an affordable price! But the reality is different.

Fast Fashion It is the fruit of plagiarism of the work of designers, who have invested capital, time, effort and inspiration in their creations. These companies mass distribute these designs, in lower quality materials, at a percentage of the real price, and in some way making the original creator lose.

Anyone would say, houses like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Channel among others, are not losing money. And they probably don't!

But what happens to Salvadoran creators and designers, who have creative and original ideas? They are unaware that in our country it is possible to protect their designs, their creations, which enjoy protection from the moment of their creation, by the right of author, a tool that you can use to combat the copying of your designs or creations,

With the facilities provided by online commerce, copying has also become easier, and this greatly affects those people who want to start with their original designs, and prevents them from growing and developing.

Contact us to provide you with the legal advice you need and watch your business grow, taking slow but firm steps!

By Carmen Mendez


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