By: Tatiana Beltranena

Gender equality is essential to guarantee an authentic diversity of cultural expressions and equal opportunities in the artistic field, as well as the employment opportunities that are generated through its development and growth.

As Romero Pineda & Asociados, we are proud to support women entrepreneurs through our micro, small and medium-sized business program “RPA Innovation Project”, who start with a dream and through the correct legal advice in Intellectual Property manage to develop. and grow to generate multiple employment opportunities for other women, contributing to the economic development of each of these families that are represented in these women.

Many of our entrepreneurs have even received important international recognition, such as Lula Mena and Eva Innocenti, both of whom have been recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (https://www.wipo.int/ip-outreach/en/ipday/2021/case-studies/salvador.html), putting El Salvador on the international scene with the following lines: “The artisan sector of El Salvador stands out for its exceptional creativity and beauty and for being the main source of income for many Salvadoran families” (https://www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine/en/2020/04/article_0003.html). Lula Mena has been recognized not only for the originality of her work in the creative industry, but also for the impact she has had on the local communities of the artisans who contribute to her creations.

Recently, Lula Mena was invited by the National Registry Center of our country during Intellectual Property Week, and had the opportunity to motivate other entrepreneurs to seek legal advice from experts in the field of Intellectual Property in order to protect their creations in the correct way, sharing how registering your intellectual property assets with the support of Romero Pineda & Asociados has contributed to the growth of your brand and to maintaining the value of designs created with artisanal techniques. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws9UVjqihwY).

We thank each and every one of the entrepreneurs who give us the opportunity to accompany them in their projects and we invite those who have not yet taken the decisive step to protect their brands and intellectual creations with the support of Romero Pineda & Asociados.



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