Our team specialized in brand protection and border actions (IP ENFORCEMENT AND BRAND PROTECTION UNIT), went to the Acajutla Customs to seize allegedly counterfeit products. An alert was received from Customs authorities about products containing brands and characters belonging to renowned owners. Upon receiving the alert, we immediately contacted the company that owns said commercial badges and filed the corresponding complaints.

According to our legislation, the border measure is the action conferred on the right holder to request the competent court to suspend the import, export or movement in transit of goods with allegedly counterfeit or confusingly similar brands. For its part, the General Directorate of Customs of our country defines it as the temporary and extraordinary suspension applied by the Customs Service of the clearance of merchandise prepared for import and export, ordered by the competent judicial authority, at the request of the interested party, complying with the legal requirements. and carried out ex officio by the customs service according to selective and random processes.

That is to say, it is a precautionary measure and a mechanism for trademark owners to prevent false products from entering commerce, affecting their intellectual property rights.

Through this border action carried out by our team, the products were seized, which in this case are masks for children, and in this way the products will not enter commerce, affecting intellectual property rights, nor will they affect the health of the most vulnerable people in society such as children.

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