Reforms to the Law of Private Security Services.

By Gabriel Lara.

The Labor and Social Welfare Commission of the Legislative Assembly analyzes the draft reforms to the “Special Law for the Regulation of Private Surveillance Services”, which was enacted in 2000. Among the proposed reforms, regarding the provided for non-compliance with the Law, the following will be considered very serious offenses: Failure to provide the worker with life and disability insurance, which must not be paid by the worker; Likewise, not providing workers with their work tools in good condition, such as: registered weapons, ammunition, uniforms and footwear, among others; not providing them with illuminated, ventilated and ergonomic physical spaces, and must guarantee them breaks to consume their food and other physiological needs; not complying with the hours corresponding to day and night work; keep confidential the employment contracts signed with the workers, among others. Failure to comply with the above will make the employer incur a fine that will range between 41 and 80 minimum monthly wages, that is, the fine to be imposed would be between $14,965.00 and $29,200.00, taking into consideration that as of December 1 August of this year, the increase in the minimum wage came into effect, which for the services sector is $365.00.

It was planned that on Thursday, August 12, the Director of the National Civil Police would appear at the commission and read it and discuss article by article.

We will keep you informed.


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