“Special Measures established in Executive Decree No. 22 in order to Combat the COVID-19 pandemic”

On May 6, 2020, the Executive Body published in the Official Gazette, the decree that contemplates the “Authorizations provided for in Article 8 of the Regulatory Law for Isolation, Quarantine, Observation and Surveillance due to COVID-19”, through of which, the measures taken in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in El Salvador are intensified, restricting commercial activities to ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES according to the following list:

  1. Home transportation of food and pharmaceutical products.
  2. Medical, nursing and all health-related services, including dental, ophthalmological and hearing emergencies.
  3. Pharmacies, drugstores and pharmaceutical laboratories. The cosmetic industry cannot work.
  4. Clinical laboratories.
  5. Private personnel transportation. Public transport of passengers will not be able to circulate.
  6. Agribusiness and its distribution chain.
  7. Agriculture, livestock, poultry, pig farming and fish farming.
  8. Cargo transportation services for activities related to this decree.
  9. Call Center services for medication care, home delivery food, airline care, insurance intermediaries, electricity, telecommunications and internet services, drinking water, banking, financial services and medical services.
  10. Food and beverage manufacturing industry; such as cereals, powdered milk, pastes, flour, baby food, sugar, salt, coffee, consommés, condiments, ketchup, mustard and the like, and its distribution chain; except for those food products considered as snacks, sweets, non-perishable foods not included in the list mentioned above, carbonated beverages, similar and alcoholic beverages.
  11. Only artisanal bakeries, chains and franchises are excluded.
  12. Public and private drinking water services, pipes, including purified water.
  13. Inputs for agriculture.
  14. Cleaning and hygiene products, such as: disposable diapers, disinfectants, detergents, soap, toothpaste and bleach.
  15. Insecticides and pesticides.
  16. Fuel and petroleum products that are for the generation of electrical energy and operation of gas stations.
  17. Construction and civil engineering services, only  to carry out risk mitigation works due to winter, natural disasters and any other work carried out by the Ministry of Public Works.
  18. Telephone, cable and internet services and points of sale for the sole purpose of recharging cell phone balances.
  19. Electric energy generation, distribution and marketing services.
  20. Collection, transportation, treatment and final disposal services for solid and bioinfectious waste.
  21. Media and press.
  22. Funeral home and cemetery services
  23. Aviation support services, such as dispatchers, ground support, loading and unloading of aircraft, crews, maintenance of all types of equipment used in airports, aeronautical maintenance and similar.

Likewise, it establishes that all other activities that are not listed above or contemplated in legislative decree No. 639, They are not authorized to operate in any of their modalities, whether for free sale, in stores or at home.

Notwithstanding the above, other restrictions have currently been implemented so we recommend contacting us for any additional questions or queries by emailing: rpocasangre@romeropineda.com either fmartinez@romeropineda.com

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