Do you want to market a product intended for human or animal consumption in El Salvador?

If you are a natural or legal person and want to carry out activities of manufacturing, importing, packaging or marketing products, which are intended for human or animal consumption, you must have authorization from the corresponding Authority and obtain a Health Registration for the product, and thus not have any inconvenience when marketing your products.

How do I know if my products require health registration for marketing?

Food, drinks, medicines, natural products, medical, cosmetic, hygienic or cleaning supplies, those intended for feeding or medicines for animals, and other similar supplies intended for human or animal consumption; These are some of the products that must necessarily have a health registration prior to being marketed.

Why should I obtain a health registration for my products?

Having the Health Registry guarantees that products intended for human or animal consumption comply with the safety requirements and standards established by the Law, so their use or consumption will not cause adverse effects on health.

Furthermore, the main establishments where these types of products are sold, such as supermarkets, require that they have their respective health registration, so undoubtedly, a good part of the success when entering the Salvadoran market with a new product begins with obtain your corresponding registration.

Contact us to find out the requirements to register your products according to their nature. Avoid problems marketing your products, fines and confiscations for not having a health record. pamela@romeropienda.com 


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