By Tatiana Beltranena.

At Romero Pineda & Asociados we firmly believe that everything that begins as a dream can materialize into great achievements, as long as it is with perseverance and correct advice. That is why in 2020 the Firm created the RPA Innovation Project program, as a response of solidarity and legal support to businesses that were transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In these moments of crisis, timely legal advice made the difference for that many entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium entrepreneurs survived and even stood out from the rest.

Today, more than a year after its official launch, RPA Innovation Project stands out and differentiates itself for being a comprehensive legal response in this “new reality” in which every day we are forced to adapt quickly. Through the program we have achieved a wide reach of beneficiaries and we have contributed to entrepreneurs and businessmen generating positive changes in their environment and in the market.

With the personalized assistance we provide in the different areas of Law, our clients have consolidated their projects, not only obtaining the protection of their intellectual property assets, but also formalizing their businesses and eliminating risks through correct compliance with legal obligations.

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