National Holiday in El Salvador, in the month of April 2019.

Dear Clients and Friends:

ROMERO PINEDA & ASOCIADOS reminds you that in accordance with Article 190 of the Labor Code, paid leave is established on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Holy Week, corresponding this year to April 18, 19 and 20.

These holidays are applicable to both public and private sector workers, with only home-based workers and workers whose salaries have been stipulated by commission or piecework, by adjustment or flat price, being excluded from enjoying the holiday.

If these days off coincide and fall within the vacation period stipulated for the workplace, they will not extend the duration of the aforementioned vacation.

The work centers that work on the aforementioned days must pay an extraordinary salary made up of the ordinary salary plus a surcharge of the latter's 100%. Likewise, if they work overtime or work at night, the calculation for the payment of the surcharges will be made based on the aforementioned extraordinary salary.

For more information and legal assistance, please contact Beatriz Merino, Associate/Coordinator of the Labor Unit at (503) 2505-5555 or email

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