Romero Pineda, a pioneer in Intellectual Property in El Salvador, joins the global celebration and once again delivers a prize to outstanding Salvadoran women.

ROMERO PINEDA, celebrates one more year, World Intellectual Property Day, today, April 26, recognizing outstanding national values, who contribute through their creativity, manifestations that strengthen our protection, defense and monetization of Intellectual Property.

This year, the World Intellectual Property Organization -WIPO- guides this celebration to women inventors, creators and entrepreneurs from around the world and their pioneering work. The women who shape and transform the world thanks to their imagination, their ingenuity and their hard work, and whose social or cultural contribution, of important significance, generates an intellectual creation, deserving of such recognition, for its originality and creativity.

Therefore, in this 2023 edition, ROMERO PINEDA honors and thanks the finalists

Maria Eugenia Panamanian

Alejandra Nolasco and Paola Miranda

Lula Mena

Andrea Ayala

Geraldine Garcia

María Elena and Diana Aranda

Being the winners:

Lula Mena, first place

First place: Lula Mena

María Eugenia Panameño, second place

Second place: María Eugenia Panameño

Paola Miranda: Honorable Mention, ACA
Alejandra Nolasco: Honorable Mention, ACA

Honorable mention: Alejandra Nolasco and Paola Miranda from the Azoro Cultural Association

As a legal firm, we are very proud to be pioneers not only in Intellectual Property in the country, but also to be able to celebrate this great world day by awarding this award to outstanding women who exalt the name of El Salvador.

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