Roberto Morales

Manager and Compliance Officer

El Salvador

+503 2505-5555



Roberto is a manager and in charge of Compliance, he led and participated in the formation of the Firm's specialized unit. 

He has extensive experience of more than 20 years. His expertise includes compliance practices for the prevention of money and asset laundering in banking institutions with regional reach since 2009. In the area of banks and insurance companies, he has been an evaluator of information systems of these institutions for more than five years.

In the years 2022 and 2023, together with the support of AID, he led and developed the Money and Asset Laundering Prevention Program for more than 20 organizations nationwide, which led to the support of key members of these organizations for the implementation and compliance with these programs.

Among its main functions are: Comply with the Regulatory Framework regarding the Prevention of Money Laundering, provide support in the connection of new clients, provide training to the Firm's clients on money and asset laundering issues, train the personnel of the Compliance Unit of any company, provide support on registration processes in the FIU for clients and support them in the development of their work plan to prevent money laundering.

He is the person in charge of developing internal control procedures, modifications to internal regulations for the Firm's companies, defines and maintains in force the procedures related to the Prevention of Money Laundering, develops and qualifies the Risk Matrix of the different areas in which the Firm operates. In addition, it controls incoming correspondence, responds, and follows up on reports and “know your customer” (KYC) forms that are required by controllers and companies. Reviews new clients on caution lists and issues opinions on them, reviews and reports regulated transactions generated by the Firm's companies, and presents the results of Management's management to the Board of Directors and the Compliance Committee.

He has experience in training, workshops, and discussions on Anti-Money Laundering (AML), among which he participated as a Speaker in the Legal Symposium "Advancing Compliance in Central America" held in Costa Rica by the Lex Mundi network, and the Internal Control Seminar in global banking institutions conducted in Frankfurt, Germany.

Roberto has provided training to various types of organizations and international companies in different industries such as banking, insurance, civil society, media, aviation, and other associations and chambers.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas (UCA), a Master's in Business Administration from Instituto Superior de Economía y Administración de Empresas (ISEADE-FEPADE), and a diploma in International Business from Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico. Moreover, in the field of Anti-Money Laundering, he is certified by the Financial & International Business Association as a Certified Professional in Anti-Money Laundering (CPAML).

Additionally, Roberto possesses other studies and certifications that make him a specialist in the field. He engages in annual training to stay updated in Compliance and other related areas within his specialization.