Dr. Roberto Romero Pineda

President and founder

El Salvador

+503 2505-5555



Doctor Roberto Romero Pineda, was a founding partner of the Firm in 1978 and has been its president since its inception; after a legal practice that began in different positions in the Salvadoran judicial system and has served as an advisor to the most prominent regional companies.

Dr. Romero Pineda's professional career includes extensive experience in advising different embassies accredited in El Salvador, such as embassies of Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. During the period from 1998 to 2002 he was honorary consul of Peru in El Salvador, receiving a decoration in 2005 from the Republic of Peru with the medal “Order of Merit for Distinguished Services” and from 2014 to date he serves as honorary consul of Guatemala in El Salvador.

His foray into diplomacy and his experience in matters of Intellectual Property allowed him to be appointed legal advisor of the Republic of Peru in the case of international relevance regarding the Pisco designation of origin. This special interest in diplomacy prompted him to study the master's degree in Diplomacy and International Relations taught by the Technological University.

In matters of international treaties, he has been legal advisor to the private sector in different negotiations. He was an advisor to the Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI), during the negotiations for the Free Trade Agreement between Central America and Mexico (FTA) at the dispute resolution and Intellectual Property tables. He also participated as an advisor to the Organization to Support the Productive Sector of International Trade Negotiations (ODASP) in all rounds of negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement between the United States of America and the Central American countries (CAFTA) at the settlement tables. controversies and Intellectual Property.

He has advised on the drafting of contracts between foreign companies and the Salvadoran State, placing emphasis on Arbitration Agreements and dispute resolution. Intervened in Commercial and Arbitration Trials; having outstanding work with the negotiation of claims arising from the interpretation or execution of arbitration clauses.

His knowledge has been specialized through courses on Arbitration, in Costa Rica and Colombia taught by the Inter-American Commission of Commercial Arbitration (CIAC) and he was designated by the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), as a candidate for Arbitrator in this matter. of Intellectual Property before the Colombian Chamber of Commerce.

He has been a pioneer in the formation of a legal firm with specialized practice in matters of Intellectual Property, which allowed him to become a reference and an eminent lawyer in the region, being part of international associations and societies of enormous prestige in the world. of business and matters related to Intellectual Property.

His great sense of social responsibility has led him to commit to different causes and organizations, including the Rotary Club, receiving a diploma and recognition plaque as an Active Rotarian for more than 30 years of service.

Doctor Romero Pineda is a lover of singing, fine arts, golf, languages and travel. This passion for art is reflected in the firm, with its main motto being: "We handle your legal interests like a work of art."


Lex Mundi, INTA, ASIPI, ASI, AmCham, BritCham, CAMARASAL, German Chamber of El Salvador, Spanish Chamber, Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


World Leaders Lifetime Achievement Award. The most emblematic award of the award called “World Leaders International IP Awards” in 2008 was presented to Dr. Roberto Romero Pineda by the renowned English publisher Informa in London, England, recognizing his 40 years of professional experience.