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ROMERO PINEDA informs you that on Saturday, March 21, 2020, it was issued the Executive n the Health Branch issued Decree No. 12 regarding EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES OF PREVENTION AND CONTAINMENT TO DECLARE THE NATIONAL TERRITORY AS AN AREA SUBJECT TO SANITARY CONTROL, FOR THE PURPOSE OF CONTAINING THE PANDEMIC COVID-19 that establishes that all natural and legal persons and public institutions must comply with the National Quarantine, so that no person may circulate or meet in the territory of the republic, with the exceptions indicated in the decree, with the In order to prevent the spread of COVID 19, what is known as a “household quarantine. Please find attached said decree.

Find hereunder the main considerations:

  • The decree will be in force for 30 days, starting the day of its publication on the Official Gazette, dated March 21, 2020.
  • The decree establishes that all natural and legal persons as well as public institutions must comply with a national quarantine (also known as home quarantine), for which no person will be allowed to move or gather within the territory of El Salvador, besides the exceptions indicated in the decree, in order to prevent the spread of COVID 19.
  • The following people are excepted according to article 2:
  1. People who are in charge of getting food, medicine and other vital things necessary for their consumption and survival. (Only one person per family will be allowed to leave his or her home and only twice a week. If someone other than the authorized person leaves or leaves more than 2 times per week, this person will be detained and quarantined).
  2. Those who have to go to their workplace to provide services in companies that are authorized by the decree (described in article 3 of said decree).
  3. People who assist in the care of children, older adults or people who need special attention and care.
  4. People who must go to their workplace at financial and insurance entities.
  5. Duly identified employees of the health agencies as well as the pharmacy and medical personnel and nurses.
  6. Public officials who perform tasks related to fighting the emergency.
  7. People who provide distribution services of food and basic necessities at home.
  8. The armed forces, police, ambulances, public officials and employees authorized by the proprieties of each institution which provide services targeted to fighting the current pandemic.
  9. Persons working in freight vehicles for the transport of merchandise and distribution of goods and are part of the supply and food chain and other basic necessities, as well as importers and merchandise exporters.

All employees from private sector companies authorized to continue operating, must carry their batch identification and a letter provided by their employer authorizing their mobility form their home to their workplace and vice versa.

  • In addition, according to article 3 the following activities are considered exceptions and may continue operating when providing services for the Salvadoran people:
  1. Textile Industry Services that work with spinning, finishing, textiles and those whose purpose is to produce goods and services that can be used in health or subsistence matters during the emergency as well as food, cleaning products, toilet paper and other similar products.
  2. Call centers dedicated to the sale and distribution of food, customer services for airlines, electricity services, communication, financial banking services and medical services.
  3. Security Services, gas stations, passenger transportation at half operating capacity, taxis, private transportation, cargo transportation of any kind, and means of communication.
  4. Drinkable water distribution services, postal services, mail and parcels.
  5. Agriculture, livestock, beekeeping, fishing, agribusiness and its distribution chain
  6. Financial services such as banks, credit and savings institutions, insurance, and securitization services as well as stock market institutions.
  7. Services of public and private laboratories of health services as well as hospitals, clinics except dental, and veterinary services only in emergencies and others related to health, and its distribution chain.

All companies authorized to continue operating must follow hygiene protocols and implement social distancing of at least one square meter, to prevent contagion.

  • Any person found without proper justification or credentials will be transferred to a containment center to determine quarantine and will face criminal and civil liability.
  • Anyone who is pulled over and cannot prove they are living to an authorized activity and why, must sign an affidavit provided by the authorities.
  • For companies that continue operating and are not authorized in accordance with the provisions of this decree will face temporary closure.

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