We continually advise companies within the transportation industry such as aviation,
charter flight operators, air, land and sea freight carriers,
suppliers of fuel, food or aviation education. The knowledge of the panorama
regulation of transport and civil aviation, allows us to offer comprehensive advice in all
areas of corporate and financial, tax and litigation companies.
We specialize in transportation laws and provide legal advice and planning in
all segments of the industry. Representative customers of the industry can include the
car transporters; The passenger and cargo transportation segments in, air, water and
railway of the transport and logistics industries; and third-party logistics providers. Our
experience include private fleets, commercial vessels, airlines (both passenger and
commercial), courier, parcels, liquid and dry bulk carriers, authorities of
public transport and the barge and boat industries. We work hand in hand with
financial institutions, industry insurers, transport corridors, transport companies and
Contact: Francisco Martinez, Roberto Pocasangre, Feridee Alabi