On October 29, 2015 the National Congress approved a Law which imposes a Special Contribution to Large Size Corporations, for finance a Security Plan against Crime. This Decree establishes that all Large Size Corporations, local or Branches, must pay a Special Contribution of a 5% over “net earnings” superiors to US$500,000 within a Tax Year.


The Special Contribution shall be declared through a Form which will be soon created by the Salvadoran Treasury Department. Please note that this contribution should be paid by all Large Size Corporations, domiciled or not in El Salvador, and does not make any difference whether they have a special tax treatment or not, specially does not establishes exemptions.


For more information please contact Romero Pineda & Asociados Corporate and International Department- Tax Division to Jose Freddy Zometa fzometa@romeropineda.com and Francisco Martinez fmartinez@romeropineda.com

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