The world has been forced to return to the Book of Genesis, to recognize the value of things, impregnating them with a more human and conscious sense, especially in harmony with Mother Earth. If the Book of Genesis guides us to take care of the planet, therefore trade and commerce cannot continue to function without environmental measures and regulations. Within the world of creativity, we are reflecting on the importance of maintaining the ecosystem and how to generate a general culture of taking care of the LIVING and our natural resources. The World Intellectual Property Organization [WIPO], upon of the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day of 2020, chose the following motto: “Innovate for a green future”, highlighting the priority of focusing our efforts to make facing the climate crisis.

It is relevant that those of us who believe in Intellectual Property encourage the application of technology in creative processes, since this can generate competitiveness and innovation. However, it is necessary that we fully take that leap towards digitalization, not only because of the COVID-19 crisis, which has been an accelerator for such a transformation, but also because of the 4th Industrial Revolution or intelligent industry which has been discussing for a long time to adoption of digital technology.

“Our task ahead is a big one, first of all because we must think about how to implement, develop, and believe in a green future alongside with technology.”

The transformation to the digital world has also caused businesses to invest in the creation and development of new sustainable and eco-friendly models to produce, offer, and sell their products and services. We even noticed that they are no longer only called ECO-ENTERPRISES, but ECOTECH companies that are emerging. Due to the environmental crisis we are facing, the path to a green Intellectual Property is imminent and technology can facilitate the redirection of inventions. The Intellectual Property that is created hand in hand with technology must guarantee the least possible impact on air, water, and soil quality, and must include solutions to problems related to waste or noise, as well as solutions for the rational and sustainable use of natural resources and food management systems. Green digital online marketing can also position those products and services in the consumer market and in turn leave a green footprint for the well-being of our planet. Our task ahead is a big one, first of all because we must think about how to implement, develop, and believe in a green future alongside with technology. Secondly, although the investment in green technology can sometimes be significant the same can be gradual and gradual investments can be made in order to positively impact our planet, our home. Intellectual Property plays an important role in achieving a sustainable economy. It is also the key factor to address climate change and other environmental problems, and it is the means to achieve a GREEN FUTURE.

Karla Alas Litigation and New Technologies Manager

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