Romero Pineda & Asociados, Your Intellectual Property Ally

Romero Pineda & Asociados, Your Intellectual Property Ally

Globalization: One of the most important phenomena transforming the commercial and social spheres. Globalization has been the door to interconnecting different cultures and has generated cultural convergence in communication, information, fashion and/or customs; resulting in the reduction of the ignorance of trademarks, artistic or literary works, patents, etc. and even artificial intelligence (AI), anywhere in the world; the easiness of acquiring such information through different means of communication, especially through the internet, is just a click away.

Although we could mention many of the advantages that Intellectual Property gains with the integration of the world, we consider even more relevant to highlight the great risks of infringement of Intellectual Property by virtue that some of the owners of these rights have little or no protection of their IP rights in different territories; some of these risks may be the registration of trademarks or other intangible assets in foreign territories by third parties acting in bad faith; inappropriate use or unauthorized reproduction of artistic or literary works, among other risks.

In this scenario Romero Pineda becomes  your strategic partner to guide and collaborate with you in the protection of your Intellectual Property rights worldwide. We are the exclusive members in El Salvador of two of the largest IP networks in the world: Lex Mundi and Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA), allowing us work with more than 25,000 experts in law and business in more than 100 countries.

Romero Pineda is a member of different international associations and has participation in world-class Intellectual Property events; among the most important are the International Trademark Association (INTA) and the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), which allow us to share experiences, constantly innovate knowledge and acquire new technologies, keeping us as one of the most solid firms with great experience in the field of Intellectual property.

By choosing Romero Pineda as your ally for the protection of your Intellectual Property worldwide, the following advantages are obtained:

  • Significant reduction of document issuance
  • A single communication channel, facilitating the control and monitoring of regional or international procedures
  • Uniformity in the presentation of reports, legal opinions and regional or international work
  • Regional or global strategy for the protection of Intellectual Property with a 360 ° vision (includes legal advice on corporate, commercial, regulatory, litigious matters, among others)
  • Operative costs savings through a single provider
  • Well-established organizational structure with a technical, legal, specialized and highly trained team in the field
  • Qualified technological tools oriented to satisfy the needs of each client

It is undeniable that globalization brings positive effects such as the easiness of a worldwide economic integration; howeveryour business products and / or services must be prepared for this exposure counting with the best advice in the protection of each of your Intellectual Property rights. , At this point, Romero Pineda can become your strategic ally.

Elsy Elena Durán

IP Manager


Elsy Durán

Elsy Durán

Elsy is an Associate Attorney of Romero Pineda. She is currently Manager of the Intellectual Property Department.

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