Knowledge of transportation industry’s regulatory landscape in general allows us to offer comprehensive consulting –
corporate, financial, tax, and litigation – to the companies in this sector, whether terrestrial, aerial or maritime.

We specialize in transportation laws and provide advice and legal planning in all segments of the industry. Characteristic
industry clients may include, but are not limited to companies in air transport and cargo, charter flight operators, fuel,
food or education suppliers; car transport; passengers and cargo transport by sea and land; and third-party logistics
We work hand-in- hand with financial institutions, industry related insurance companies, transport brokers, carriers and
the like.


Francisco Martínez
Francisco is the Manager of the Corporate Department and Head of the Labor Law Unit. He is part of the firm since 2001.
Feridee Hazel Alabi
Feridee is part of the Litigation Department . Lawyer and Notary authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice.
Roberto Pocasangre

Roberto Pocasangre

Roberto is a member of the firm since 2012. He is part of the Corporate Department specialized in Aviation Law.