RP & A HER – Apoyo a la mujer emprendedora

We present you to our network of women RP & A HER. We are a group of professional women in Romero Pineda & Asociados specialized in Intellectual Property. Created by the vision of our Partner Roxana Romero, the objective of the group is to advise, support and promote entrepreneur women, who with their creativity and effort are agents of change in El Salvador and the Central American region.

The group’s approach is to provide entrepreneurs with legal support for the protection of their creations, the hiring of their rights, the fulfillment of their legal obligations for the proper operation of their businesses, so that their dreams remain unique and achievable.

The sectors in which the group has experience include fashion, entertainment, beverages, food products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, product distribution, transport, creations derived from recycled products, among others.

The advice covers the protection of trademarks, expressions or signs of advertising, trade names, industrial designs, copyrights, utility models, patents, health records and related contracts such as franchises and user licenses.
We want to be part of the inspiring stories behind every admirable woman!
We proudly present you some of our current clients who have trusted in the team behind this wonderful initiative.



Lula Mena is a designer who develops and markets environmentally friendly products. Its products are handmade by Salvadoran artisans under the standards of the free trade agreement.
She tends to characterize her work as a modern design with traditional qualities. All their designs are based on 5 principles: Eco – friendly, handmade, fair trade, innovation and empowerment of women. “I focus on the training of women artisans in risk areas, providing them with stable work to support their families and help the development of their communities. ”


Our dear client and friend Lula Mena, whom we greatly admire and have the pleasure to support, has trusted us since registering her first brand in El Salvador in 2014. To date, we have supported Lula with the registration of its brand in several additional classes in El Salvador, as well as with the deposit of each of its collections as Copyrights; issues of protection against the misuse of your brand and designs; labor, contractual and confidentiality aspects. At the international level, we are also in charge of registering your brand in the countries where your products are being exported.


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Fashion. Design. A dream in the process
Eva Innocenti, a Salvadoran with an Italian surname, a woman who follows her dreams, a lover of fashion, creativity and portfolios.
Eva designs Portfolios and looks for artisan elements from different backgrounds that she can incorporate into her designs. It uses leathers from different parts of the world (Brazil, Italy, Nicaragua and El Salvador), and hardware with a 24K gold bath, to design a unique piece. Her pieces make her clients shine spectacularly anywhere in the world. Each of his designs are inspired by his passion for fashion, portfolios and the delicate work of artisans around the world.
Eva has named her designs in honor of women who have continuously supported her: Marcela, Monica, Gaby, Carmen, Katy, Evita, Mirella, Victoria, Valerie, and Alessa; They are some of them, the last two in honor of their daughters.

“I feel grateful to be able to make a positive and direct impact on the lives of artisans and their families, who help me bring my designs to life. My next goal is to work soon with Salvadoran artisans and contribute to the development of the local economy.
With the support of God and my family, I go day by day working to realize my dream of having my own wallet and accessories store in El Salvador. ”

Eva Innocenti is for us an example of effort and dedication! We have advised Eva with the protection of her creations under the figure of Copyright; themes of use of your brand and designs on social networks. We will support you with the registration of your brand in the international markets where your beautiful and elegant products arrive.


By Maru Flores




By Maru Flores
Marujatz is a company of personalized items for carnival parties. They design colorful accessories made with love to create magical events. Their products are unique and made by hand.

Marujatz is based in El Salvador and exports around the world.
“We believe that each event is special, that’s why we offer personalization in themes to create something unique”

María Eugenia Flores, known as Marujatz is an incredible entrepreneur! It represents for us the proof that dreams come true if we fight for them. We have had the pleasure to support her in the matter of Intellectual Property with the registration of her trademark. Additionally, at the corporate level we were in charge of creating your company and advising you on contractual matters.


By Andrea Prado




By Andrea Prado

Nàkar’s products are made with recycled oyster shells and made by Salvadoran women from El Salvador designed by Andrea Prado.
Andrea Prado, Guatemalan and artist from birth, who for 6 years has dedicated all the fruits of his creativity to the service of the most needy. Her passion is to use her artistic gifts to create artistic projects and thus be able to raise funds for different social projects. He starts making several art exhibitions with his paintings and dedicating all the profits for the remodeling of schools with Glasswing International. During the last years he has developed projects such as the CARE SPHERES, in which 45 giant spheres painted by Salvadoran artists were marketed and placed in public spaces for more than a year. Then she dedicates herself to bringing art therapies to groups of abused women in the Sendas help center and the homeless of El Faro. For Nakar, his last project, oysters are used that all Salvadorans traditionally eat on weekends in the area of ​​Freedom and previously discarded after eating and with the help of groups of abused women create decorative artistic items which They are sold in the best stores in the country. One day I read this: ‘Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with him is your gift to God. ‘ Since then, using art for fundraising and social help is my passion!

Beautiful collections of products made from recycled oysters are a work of art by Andrea Prado. Andrea is a very dear client of our Firm, to whom we have advised in the protection of her incredible designs. Additionally, Andrea has requested our support in operational legal issues of importance to her business, which cover labor, contractual and confidentiality aspects, among others.