Food and beverages

The food and beverages industry, because of its importance to the well-being of consumers, is widely regulated from
inception to distribution and our firm handles all the legal aspects applicable to each stage. In the agricultural field, for
example, there is regulation that establishes which ingredients are permitted for the manufacture or handling of food
and beverages; likewise, production, packaging, labelling, distribution and advertising, are part of commercial law in all
its branches; similarly, the conflicts that arise by virtue of these regulations, are resolved as part of criminal law. From
production to the table, every step of the production and the distribution cycle involves regulations that affect our
clients’ business strategy. To counter the risk, respond to the challenges that come up and seize the opportunities that
arise, our attorneys combine knowledge with preparation.


Nadya Leon

Nadya Leon

Nadya Associate Lawyer of Romero Pineda & Asociados. She is currently part of the Intellectual Property Department.