Feridee Hazel Alabi


Feridee is part of the Litigation Department . Her expertise includes Common Law, Commercial and trade Law, Labor Law, Consumer Law, Administrative Law, Public Notary and Public Records Proceedings.




Feridee has 17 years experience in the legal area. Her expertise includes Common Law, Commercial and trade Law, Labor Law, Consumer Law, Administrative Law, Public Notary and Public Records Proceedings.

Feridee has been with the firm since 2013 and works in the Litigation Department, where she is responsible for providing judicial representation in common law, commerce law and labor law to the clients of the firm, whether they are acting as plaintiffs or defendants. Her area of practice also includes contentious administrative matters, especially in relation to the sanctioning power of the Government Contracts Regulatory Law. Her work includes providing advice to minimize risks related to legal claims and planning legal strategies for successful judicial processes.

As a special expertise, Feridee has extensive experience in Consumer Law from the initials stages of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR’s) to the proceedings followed at the Consumer’s Protection Courts.

Currently, Feridee also works as coordinator lawyer of the special practices at the New Administrative jurisdiction and law, and her work helps clients in their conflicts with public administration. She provides legal support to colleagues in the firm from the moment of the initial motions at the administrative courts to preparing suits or actions against a probable administrative law actions.

She is responsible for preparing, advising, reviewing and approving all administrative and court processes under her charge, as well as in relation to appeals.

Civil law
Commercial Law
Civil and Commercial Procedural Law (Old and New Legislation)
Labor Law
Consumer Law
Administrative law
Notarial Law
Registry Law


  • Financial Institutions
  • Retail and consumer goods
  • Technology, telecommunications
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation


As part of her professional development, she is an attorney licensed and public notary at the Republic of El Salvador; She had an International diploma in “Law, Economy and Business” Given by “El Instituto Superior de Economía y Administración de Empresas ISEADE – FEPADE de El Salvador” and “El Instituto Universitario ESEADE de Argentina”.

She has graduated from the following seminars:

  • “Diplomado en la Ley de Procedimientos Administrativos y aplicación de las Disposiciones Transitorias.
  • ”(Government Contracts litigations) at “El Instituto Salvadoreño de Derecho Administrativo ISDA”
  • “Diplomado Técnicas de Oralidad” (Oral litigation tehcniques) at “Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado” and at the “Consejo Nacional de la Judicatura”;

She has participated in the following conferences:

  • “Lavado de Dinero” (Money Loundry) Workshop at “Banco de América Central, S.A.”;
  • “Legislación sobre el Medio Ambiente” (Environmental Protection) Workshop at “Ministerio de Medio Ambiente”;
  • “Proyecto de Anticorrupción de Leyes” (Anti-Corruption bill proyect) workshop at “Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo Sostenible”;
  • “Acciones Civiles por el Uso Indebido de Marcas” (Copyrights Law) at “ASPI”; and
  • “Teoría del caso y su relación con los medios de prueba en el proceso laboral” (Labor Procedural Law) at “El Consejo Nacional de la Judicatura”