Our intellectual property team identifies, secures, upholds and protects our clients’ inventions and creations. Our clients, in turn, trust us to protect their innovations, literary and artistic works, symbols, brands, business names, domain names and trade secrets they use in the global market.

Key contacts

José Roberto Romero

Partner / Vice President

Jose Roberto Romero, Vicepresident and Founding Partner. A specialist in Intellectual Property, Franchise and Corporate Law.
Roxana, Partner of the Firm. Founder of RPA&Her network, specialized in Intellectual Property and Corporate Law.

Elsy Durán


Elsy is an Associate Attorney of Romero Pineda.. She is currently Manager of the Intellectual Property Department.

Nadya Leon


Nadya Associate Lawyer of Romero Pineda & Asociados. She is currently part of the Intellectual Property Department.