Our Services

  • Intellectual property

    Our Intellectual Property team protects, identifies, secures, enforces and defends the inventions of the mind and creations.

  • Antipiracy

    Piracy is a threat to content producers. Therefore, we support our clients in monitoring and fight against unauthorized use of their brands and intellectual property rights

  • Labor

    We offer clients the preventive advise for harmonious employment relashionships and our long experience of work obtained in relevant cases that fairly protect employee and employeer’s rights.

  • Aviation

    We have broad knowledge of civil aviation regulation and continously advise companies within the aviation industry in leasing daily operations, entry to markets and relationships  with the authorites.

  • Health Records

    Health registrations are the first link in the chain of a product that enters the country, which needs to obtain their import licenses and permits.

  • Banking and Financial

    Our firm works hand in hand with multiple entities advising them on the structuring and development of their operations, always seeking innovative solutions.

  • Foreign investment

    Our team has deep knowledge of the existing regulatory framework and taxes benefits applicable for the diverse new participants to the market.

  • Litigation

    The objective of the Litigation Division is to solve the legal problems of our clients, advising them and asserting their rights.

  • Patents

    We protect innovative creations of clients as part of their global strategy.

  • Corporate

    From El Salvador, we provide advice to national and multinational companies in their establishment, diversification and expansion of operations in the region.

  • Taxes

    We advise and support our clients with the observance of the tax obligations applicable to their businesses.

  • Digital Law

    Protect the legal assets of all criminal behaviors that are commited by means of new information and communication technologies.