Due to the approval of the State of National Emergency for the COVID-19 virus pandemic, decreed on March 14th of this year, as well as the approval of the State of Exception which restricts certain constitutional rights to achieve the containment of the virus, through Decree No. 604, the Legislative Assembly approved the Modification to the Central American Import Tariff on March twentieth of this year, which will be in force upon its publication in the Official Gazette. With the purpose of procuring the supply of products for the Salvadoran population, as vital as the basic consumer goods, medicines and cleaning supplies.

The most relevant items of the Modification of the Central American Import Tariff Decree were taken as emergency measures to ensure the supply for the population with essential products required by current circumstances and to prevent this pandemic from causing an even greater impact on our economy, therefore that the decision was made to modify this Tariff only in the territory of El Salvador, so that the “Import Duty Tariffs (DAI in Spanish)” will have a rate of 0 (ZERO), in the case of drugs of “Tariff Code 3004.90 .91.00 — For human use ”, the elimination of the tariff DOES NOT APPLY TO IBUPRUFEN.

Finally, it delegates to the Ministry of Economy the power to previously authorize the importation of the merchandise contained in Article 2, for which this procedure must be defined through Executive Agreements issued by said Secretary of State. It being understood that the modification is of a TEMPORARY nature and its effects will end when the National Emergency of the Pandemic due to the COVID-19 virus ceases.

The Modification will be applied as follows:


0402.21.21.00— Containers with a net capacity lower than 5 kg0
0713.33.40.00Red Bean0

For an amount less than 25,000 TM

1006.30.90.00— Others0

For an amount less than 7,500 TM

1102.20.00.00– Cornmeal0— Rice Flour0
2005.10.00.00– Homogenized vegetables0
2005.59.00.00— Others0
2007.10.00.00– Homogenized preparations0
2104.20.00.00– Homogenized compound food preparations0
2106.90.79.00— Others0
2828.90.10.00– Sodium hypochlorite0
3004.20.10.00– For human use0
3004.32.10.00— For human use0
3004.50.10.00— For human use0
3004.90.11.00— For human use0
3004.90.91.00— For human use0
3401.11.11.00—- Medicinal, except disinfectant0
3401.11.19.00— Others0
3401.11.20.00— Organic surfactant products and preparations, used as soap0
3401.11.30.00— Paper, wadding, felt and non-woven fabric, impregnated, coated or covered with soap or detergents.0
3401.19.00.00— Others0
3401.20.10.00– Liquid, medicinal soap (except disinfectant)0
3401.20.90.00— Others0
3401.30.00.00— Organic surfactant products and preparations for skin washing, liquid or cream, put up for retail sale, even if they contain soap0
3402.20.00.00– Preparations put up for retail sale0
3402.90.20.00– Washing preparations and cleaning preparations0
3808.94.10.00— Based on pine oil and quaternary ammonium surfactant0
3808.94.90.00— Others0
4015.19.00.00— Others0
9619.00.10.00– Of plastic0
9619.00.29.00— Others0
9619.00.39.00— Others0
9619.00.40.00– Textile, knitted0
9619.00.90.00– Others0



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