By Karla Alas

Talking about Intellectual Property on the Internet is a very broad and interesting topic, since the effects of both spheres have not been magnified and that through the right of intellectual property, protection can be given to all the creation arising from the human intellect used in the network.

Many times the owners of intangibles, have not realized the enormous treasure they have in their hands, and much less have paid attention to give them protection. However, nowadays, with the fact of using information, in a digital context, we have not realized that much of that property is unprotected, and may at some point be used for different purposes.

If not, let’s just study the Cambridge Analytica case a bit Facebook and we will see that the topic is in vogue.

It is normal now, to see platforms or better social networks like INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, SNAP CHAT, etc., commercial names, slogans, brands, logos, music, etc. are used, in short all kinds of our distinctive signs or copyright, in cyberspace. The intention is you who use it, maybe it could not be bad. However, there are people who, either through ignorance or with total malice, make use of distinctive signs or copyrights without the authorization of their owner, giving rise to improper practices, by way of example, when using domain names, to later to sell them, being this is a very common practice nowadays and it is known like cybersquatting or cybersquatting, and in addition another great subject is the piracy.

The information and communication technologies, commonly called ICT, bring great benefits, since there is an opportunity factor that allows either positioning a product, making it noticeable, and placing it in the consumer’s taste. In juxtaposition, other behaviors may violate fundamental rights, such as the use of one’s own image, identity theft among others.

Analyzing the subject, we see how within the technological aspect, imbíbito takes the study of the use that is being made, of those contents protected by the author’s right and industrial property on the Internet. Every day efforts are being made to ensure that there is more protection, since there are different international treaties and national standards, in view of this need, we note that today there are two premises that make a huge counterweight:

On the one hand there is the fact that the rights duly acquired must be respected and on the other hand, there are the users, who for lack of education, culture, and using the emblem of freedom of expression and information, believe that they do not affect their behavior rights. derived from intellectual property.

On the day of intellectual property, it is important to be aware of the fact that ICTs have become a huge challenge in the world of intellectual property.

The owners of distinctive signs and copyrights, patents, etc., must take care of the protection of what they had not previously protected and be alert to the use and scope of their property in the digital culture that we now have.

The new uses and scope that the internet allows, has now made a culture of violation of these rights. If we think, through the Internet it is allowed to digitize contents without there being regulation about it, in the way how it is being communicated, since it is done in different indiscriminate ways.

Do not forget that the network allows millions of people to access any kind of information, but we must avoid incurring illegalities, or affect third parties who in good faith have sacrificed in positioning and placing their products in the hands of a consumer

The way it is sometimes disclosed, has led to the existence of a lot of ease in its improper appropriation, and many are the efforts that are being made to achieve a responsibility imputation. Currently this is the biggest impasse that you have, that is to say that direct responsibility can not be attributed to certain sites, since the authors of the committed offense are unknown, or it can not be determined how they have participated in it.

There must therefore be a big commitment on the part of the Government, so that those institutions that are dedicated to research and innovation can continue to create procedures that allow us to have a better scope of protection. The Schools and Colleges, and of course the Universities should raise awareness in their students, and deepen in a current topic and make a dissemination work, as well as the promotion of research, and creations of the human intellect.

We have in our country, people who are developing software, creating works of different nature and contemplated their protection in our legislation, because we do not continue investing in it !!!

Finally we must emphasize the fact that the digital era is already a reality. El Salvador is advancing and has a significant projection, so we must ensure that the use of intellectual property, is consistent and protects the authors and / or creators of a distinctive sign or copyright, that there is interest in copyright in the digital era, Internet of Things and Human Rights, brands, domain names and copyrights and Internet content.

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