Framework Law for the Use and Promotion of Bicycles

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For employers to prepare for the fulfillment of labor obligations for the following 2021, ROMERO PINEDA hereby informs that the Legislative Decree No. 711 “Framework Law for the Use of the Bicycle” is in force since October 5, 2020, which main objective is to generate a regulatory framework that promotes the use and promotion of the bicycle as an ecological and friendly means of transport, both in urban and rural areas.

The law establishes that the use and promotion of bicycles as a private, ecological and friendly means of transport is declared of public interest, the promotion of which is in charge of the State through the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, and the municipalities, having to dictate the relative measures to the use of bicycles, create awareness programs of respect for cyclists and the safe use of bicycles, among others.

The decree determines that the State will gradually take charge of adapting public roads for the safer use of bicycles so that this becomes a means of transport for daily use. For this to be carried out, it must be included in the roads and urban roads, the cycle paths, signs and the respective painting that indicate the designated lanes for bicycles and their users.

The law also establishes the rules that cyclists must obey in order to circulate on the streets.

Additionally, all future constructions and works must include cycle routes. In addition, it is established that existing public and commercial buildings, educational centers, work centers, terminals, stations and public and private collective transport stops must have adequate parking spaces for bicycles; within a period not exceeding two years from the entry into force of this Law.

On another note, bicycle sellers are obliged by this law to keep a record of buyers including their name, DUI, chassis number and date of sale of the bicycle. It should also be indicated if it is new or used.

Specifically in the workplace, this law regulates the following:

  • Public and private employers must give monthly incentives to employees who use bicycle as a means of transportation.
  • Employers should facilitate the use of changing rooms with showers in the workplace.
  • Employers must have adequate parking spaces for bicycles, within a period of no more than two years from the entry into force of the legislation.

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