In the framework of  the World Intellectual Property Day and as firm believers that creativity, innovation and effort are returning to the enterprising agents of change in El Salvador, RP&A HER spoke with the Director of the Intellectual Property Registry at the National Bureau of Registries. Martha Evelyn Menjívar, Esq. to learn about the institution’s Annual Operating Plan and its support for women’s entrepreneurship.

Ms. Menjívar, commented that the issue of empowering women has taken great strength this year so that the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the World Intellectual Property Day decided to have a design focused on women. RP&A HER  consulted this design on the official website “Artífices del Cambio: Women in innovation and creativity”.

During our conversation she mentioned that the institution is working with the Industrial Property Directorate of Uruguay precisely because they have a gender unit linked to the Intellectual Property Registry to reach an Agreement that facilitates work on reports that help identify whether in El Salvador there are cases impeding IP Rights filed by women of whether there are barriers to information due to gender reasons.

She told us that in El Salvador, although some women have managed to protect their Intellectual Property rights, they do not know about the importance of the adequate follow-up that must be provided for maintaining these rights in force and they do not even know how to enforce these before third parties. Ms. Menjívar says that, in addition to fulfilling dreams, it is important to receive adequate technical advice to identify the type of intellectual creations that you have and how they can be protected, so as an Institution they have their doors open to provide free basic advice especially to entrepreneur women.

Currently, work is being done jointly with Ciudad Mujer, through the Gender Unit of the Institution, in which activities are carried out especially for women and where the topics related to Innovation, Intellectual Property and Gender Equality are discussed, such as the conference that will take place on November 19, 2018.

During the discussion Ms. Menjívar stressed that in the case of women, it is important to keep empathy, mutual help in mind and put aside any kind of selfishness and encourage women to continue fighting, to achieve their goals and thus be able to occupy important places in this country.

It was concluded that it is essential for women to know that they can ask for guidance to make good use of their own or third parties’ Intellectual Property, to start with the right advice, something can be created that manages to push foward the creative women of our country.

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