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Since 1978, four decades of excellence.

Since 1978, the prestigious law firm of Romero Pineda & Associates has been one of the most important in El Salvador and the Central American region. Its outstanding portfolio of clients has positioned the company as one of the most exclusive and specialized providers of legal services.

This year – its 40th anniversary – the brand reinvents itself with a new image showing the evolution of the firm and the
solid steps taken by the partners towards renewal.

Romero Pineda provides professional legal services for a variety of industries in strategic branches of law, such as corporate, banking, intellectual property, financial, aviation, litigation, tax and regulatory, which are key to doing business in El Salvador and the Central American region. Through its extensive global network as exclusive member of LexMundi in El Salvador, the team has a clear understanding of the needs of its international customers.The firm stands out for a combination of experience, creative thinking, and strategic development of legal areas and the trust of its multinational and local customers which are, in turn, leaders in their markets.


Protect the interests of our clients, providing them with world class, timely and comprehensive legal services in El Salvador and the Central American region.

Strategic Pillars

360 ° Vision
Global Reach
Local and International Clients
Diversity of Talent

Our values







  • Superior Legal Knowledge
  • Excellence in Legal Practice
  • Timely Service
  • Delivery of Services in a profitable, efficient and ethical manner

We have built Romero Pineda on solid foundation with highly qualified lawyers who have substantial experience in government positions, in national and multinational companies, and who give our firm a versatility which is frankly enviable. In a region where agility in getting things done is highly valued but in short supply, global associations of independent law firms have recognized us as leaders in the Salvadoran market for our experience in helping to overcome bureaucracy.

In El Salvador, Romero Pineda & Associates is the only member of three of the world’s leading lawyer and business networks. Each of these networks has strict and rigorous performance standards and gives us direct access to more than 25,000 legal and business experts, which provide our firm and our clients with an unparalleled supply of resources in more than 100 countries around the world.