Hospitality and Tourism

As a large, dynamic and growing industry, the hospitality and tourism industry operates in a
highly competitive environment that represents a wide range of companies such as restaurants;
Hotels; resorts and commercial food services; meetings and events; touristic destinations;
attractions; recreation and sports management; Airlines; Cruises and other transportation services
and spa and wellness management. This multidisciplinary field requires experience, commitment and
skills for management, marketing execution, daily operation, basic disciplines for
provide the fundamental knowledge and skills that are required to meet the
diverse demands of the hotel industry. The tourism sector is related to the industries of
food service, travel and accommodation.
In our region, the hotel and leisure industry grows day by day. As an industry in
constant evolution, constantly seeks to reinvent itself to become positioned, offering
world-wide quality As a multidisciplinary team, we treat and provide solutions to a large
number of problems (fiscal, corporate / commercial, intellectual property, labor and labor,
environmental, antitrust, etc.), with a designated team coordinator for each one.
We work with fiscal and legal investment designs to start with new
business and investments. We work with franchises or acquisition of hotel companies and
tourism in general (hotel chains, hotel operators or owners, travel agencies,
transport companies, cruise operators, etc.). Acquisition of assets (real estate,
airplanes, boats, etc.). International business expansion: tax planning
international and legal design, drafting and negotiation of contracts, and coordination with other firms
international with whom we work regularly. Definition of pricing policies
transfer. Quantitative analysis and legal documentation for transactions within the group.