Financial institutions

Financial institutions are constantly changing according to the transformation
global. Our clients, to whom we provide financial services, are fully aware
of this panorama and of the regulations that with being in a strong and developing region,
where Banking, financial services and insurers are intimately related and work
constantly by the hand. The financial world is highly specialized and therefore,
is regulated to the same extent, so the team that advises our clients is a
financial lega guide that guarantees a successful performance of the operation.
In addition to the regulatory environment, we provide advice for institutions, firms and individuals
on issues of unions and acquisitions; due dilligences and its respective execution; investment of
capital, loans and other corporate transactions. Our team is highly trained
to provide financial services, specializing in advising managers, founders,
investors and other participants in investment funds or similar investments in Funds of
Capital Risk, Real estate funds and Joint Ventures.
Contact: Daisy Martinez, Gabriel Lara