Banks, Financial Institutions and Insurance

Financial institutions are in a constant change in accordance to the global transformation of recent decades. Customers
who we provide financial services to are fully aware of this scenario and of the regulations associated with living in a
thriving region, where banking, financial services and insurance companies are intimately related and work hand-in-
hand. The financial world is highly specialized and, therefore, regulated to the same extent, so that the team that assists
our clients in this sector is a legal-financial guide who guarantees the operation’s successful performance.
In addition to the regulatory environment, we provide advice to institutions, firms and individuals on issues of mergers
and acquisitions; due diligence processes and their respective implementation; investment of capital and loans; and,
corporate transactions.
Our team is highly trained to provide financial services, specializing in advising managers, founders, investors and other
participants in investment funds, venture capital funds, real estate funds and joint ventures.


Daisy Martínez

Daisy Martínez

Daisy se une a la firma en el año 2004. Actualmente se desempeña como Gerente del Departamento de Banca y Finanzas.
Gabriel Lara
Gerente del Departamento de Notariado y Registros.

Gabriel Lara

Gabriel ingresó a la firma en el año 2014 como Gerente del Departamento de Notariado, Registro y Traducciones.