With the fashion industry developing in a galloping growth, our firm has
understood the international language of thousands of people in search of what they want to be and
reflect. Fashion has a very strong voice and as an industry it is unique, creative and completely
visual. Due to seasonal changes, to the continuous movement of the product’s life cycle,
to fast changes, to trade associations fashion represents an investment almost
safe but it is also a focus of piracy attacks, strong competition and great vulnerability.
Our firm remains updated under the fashion spectrum and provides legal support to both
the entrepreneurial designers who start their business of global growth to brands
multinationals that seek to expand into the Latin American market.
We are not only passionate about this industry but we also like to think that we are
completely submerged in it. Our fashion industry team focuses on
communicate and give relevant advice to brands and develop all aspects related to
this industry.
CONTACT: Roxana Romero, Carlos Castillo, Elsy Duran and Susana Navarro.